iPhone 2.0 Software

by Jack Richins

Just gathering my thoughts on the iPhone 2.0 Software after 5 days of playing with it.


  • The apps. Particularly the games. Games as web apps were aweful. Cube Runner and Aurora Feint are fun.
  • Exchange synch of calendar and contacts. It’s not as nice as Windows Mobile in some ways, but better in others.


  • Crashes – I’ve had maybe 3 crashes in six months of owning an iPhone until I put 2.0 on. I’ve had 3 crashes in the last 3 days. Aweful. 1 crash didn’t even involve a 3rd party app – I was just listening to music and looking at email. I’ve noticed this seems related to reading email and trying to switch away. Hmmm. Exchange sync perhaps? It took Windows Mobile a couple releases to get this right, I won’t complain if it takes Apple a couple builds to stabilize this.
  • No selectivity in exchange synching. Windows Mobile let me synch only a specific calendar, contact folder, or email folder. Windows Mobile also let me only sync a certain amount per message and sync the rest on demand. This means I consume a lot more battery using push email.
  • Battery consumption is way up. This could be because I’m consuming a lot more as I’m playing with it more. But it still feels like its draining faster than I remember.

Overall, I love it. I love having an ipod with me every where. And Windows Mobile never had that. I love having a powerful web browser in my pocket. Again, missing on WinMo. Exchange email is weak on iPhone, but it’s there.