Novels written by cell phone?

by Jack Richins

I find this just absolutely bizarre – apparently half the top selling books in Japan are written on cell phones. This may not be as bizarre as you might at first think. First, realize that to write using a QWERTY keyboard in Japan involves something kind of like T9/multi-tap to begin with. So it’s not like computers are all that great for the Japanese language to begin with. Second, it wasn’t that long ago that most authors still used paper and pen. There is something about avoiding editing that brings out the best in authors. You get a kind of flow going.

Of course my first point and second point contradict each other in a sense. The idea of flow using any kind of multi-tap is bizarre. But maybe it’s just because I’m not Japanese and I’ve never experienced any kind of “flow” in authoring Japanese.

But still, I struggle to believe it’s pleasant.