Firefox on Wired Cover and in Security Focus

by Jack Richins

Looks Firefox is going to be on the cover of Wired Magazine. Firefox is certainly the hot topic and has a lot of momentum. A lot of developers have put in a lot of work to get this far and they should get credit for that.

I just hope they learn from IE’s mistakes and start taking security more seriously. Haven’t they figured out that it’s not the security features they’ve been touting (like cookie policies and blocking pop-ups) that matter and the simple things like buffer overflows in Mozilla that will kill them and make them just as bad as IE? It’s really tough to build truly secure software and it looks like they are headed down the same learning curve as IE. At least they have the advantage of seeing where it took IE and the lack of users. If they even had 50% market share, you can bet someone would be exploiting this and other code defects in Firefox.