iPod and high-speed connection troubles

by Jack Richins

So I got an iPod for Christmas and went to use it with my Laptop, but it’s just a little too old to have USB 2.0. It does have a 4-pin Firewire, but the iPod only has a 6 pin plug. Apple mentioned that there are 6 to 4 ping converters, so I go off to find such a thing. Pricewatch points me at one – I buy it, it finally comes and – it’s bad.

I plug it into the iPod and nothing happens. I turn on the iPod and still nothing. I try using it with my DV camera and it also doesn’t work, though the camera works with the same port and a 4 to 4 cable. And I can also use the 4 to 6 cable I was using on another port with the camera. I’d return it, but the shipping was more than the converter.

So I went out today and almost bought a 6 pin firewire pcmcia card at best buy, but I forgot to order it online ahead of time and the price was not the $39 listed online, but a whooping $59. They just lost me as a customer. I look online and I can find lot’s of USB 2.0 or Firewire adapters for $20. The USB 2.0 adapters all have a plug for external power – anyone know why?

Anyways, I start thinking about it again and if I have to wait, why should I have to add a 6-pin adapter when I already have a firewire port? Should I just risk another $5 or whatever on another converter and not worry about it being an un-powered port?